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    日期:2023-10-06   來源:http://www.ardennailsnspa.com/
    1. Engine
    機油、機油濾芯要用純正正廠件,按規定保養、周期更換。舊機器更需要細心呵護,機油機濾更換時間可酌情縮短,以使發動機壽命更長。柴油盡量使用正規加油站提供的,即使正規加油站加的柴油,也不要直接加入油箱,加入前先過濾(比較常用的辦法是在加油口套襪子)。每天開工前在柴油箱底部及油水分離器處放水。柴油濾芯買正廠件,按規定保養周期更換柴油濾芯。(澄清一點,正廠濾芯濾紙細密,雜質攔截量大,因此較易堵塞,比副廠濾芯更換周期短,所以不是長期不堵的濾芯是好濾芯)空氣濾芯經常檢查,外濾芯灰多時用壓縮空氣從內向外吹,氣壓不可過大防止把濾芯吹破。內濾不可用吹的方式清潔。外濾清潔2、3次后與內濾同時更換新的。 不可為了節油而長期使用怠速工作,防止積碳。
    The engine oil and oil filter element should be made of genuine factory parts, maintained and replaced according to regulations. Old machines require more careful care, and the oil filter replacement time can be shortened as appropriate to prolong the engine's lifespan. Try to use diesel provided by regular gas stations as much as possible. Even if diesel is added by regular gas stations, do not directly add it to the fuel tank. Filter it before adding it (a commonly used method is to cover socks at the fuel filler). Drain water at the bottom of the diesel tank and the oil-water separator before starting work every day. Purchase genuine factory parts for diesel filter cartridges and replace them according to the specified maintenance cycle. (To clarify, the filter paper of the main factory filter is fine and dense, with a large amount of impurities intercepted, making it easier to block. The replacement cycle of the auxiliary factory filter is shorter, so it is not a good filter element that does not block for a long time.) Air filter elements should be checked regularly. When there is a lot of dust in the outer filter element, compressed air should be blown from the inside out, and the air pressure should not be too high to prevent the filter element from being blown out. The internal filter cannot be cleaned by blowing. After cleaning the external filter 2 or 3 times, replace it with a new one at the same time as the internal filter. Do not use idle operation for a long time to save fuel and prevent carbon accumulation.
    2. Hydraulic
    Replace the hydraulic oil, return oil filter element, and pilot filter element according to the specified maintenance cycle, and pay attention to whether there are iron or copper scraps adsorbed on the filter element. When using a crusher, the deterioration of hydraulic oil accelerates, and the replacement cycle should be shortened.
    不可長期缺油工作。 更換液壓油或液壓部件后,注意排出空氣。
    Do not work without oil for a long time. After replacing hydraulic oil or components, be careful to exhaust air.
    3. Electrical
    Pay attention to waterproofing, do not involve deep water operations, and do not rinse electrical components directly with water during cleaning.
    Do not stack debris, especially metal tools, in the battery box, as it can easily cause a fire. Do not use iron wire or copper wire to replace the insurance, nor do you use substandard insurance to replace it. When the excavator is parked for a long time, the battery cable should be removed to prevent electric leakage.
    4. Mechanical
    回轉減速器,行走減速器按周期更換齒輪油。銷軸部分注意清理泥土雜物,加注黃油。 涉水作業,水漫過回轉齒圈時,注意更換回轉齒圈內黃油。 注意油缸桿防銹。 挖掘機長期停放時將裸露金屬部分涂抹黃油防銹。
    Replace the gear oil periodically for rotary reducers and walking reducers. Pay attention to cleaning the soil and debris on the pin shaft, and add butter. When working in water and the water overflows the rotating gear ring, pay attention to replacing the grease inside the rotating gear ring. Pay attention to the rust prevention of the cylinder rod. Apply butter to the exposed metal parts of the excavator for long-term parking to prevent rust.
    5. Structural components
    Check the pin shaft bolts every day for looseness, detachment, or missing parts, and tighten them in a timely manner.
    每天檢查結構有無開裂、變形。 停放挖掘機時注意周圍環境,停放在堅實平穩硬質地面,不要停在河邊,懸崖邊,山坡下,防止意外出險。 停放時鏟斗油缸完全收回,鏟斗落地,防止油缸被撞。
    Check the structure daily for cracks and deformations. When parking the excavator, pay attention to the surrounding environment and park it on a solid, stable, and hard ground. Do not park it by the river, cliff, or hillside to prevent accidental accidents. When parking, the bucket oil cylinder is fully retracted and the bucket falls to the ground to prevent the oil cylinder from being hit.
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